Woman Shares A Graphic Selfie Of Her Injuries To Tell Story Of A Male Taxi Driver As A Part Of The Viral #MeToo Campaign

A photojournalist jumped on #MeToo campaign bandwagon by sharing a graphic selfies of the horrific injuries she sustained at the hands of a knife-wielding taxi driver.

Rena Effendi, who is based in Istanbul in Turkey, posted the picture on Facebook last week and wrote, “#metoo when a taxi driver thought he had a right to my body, but I fought him back and managed to escape.”

The pictures shows a deep gash over Rena’s eyebrow with blood streaking down her face. The image was a part of the viral #MeToo campaign that started in wake of Hollywood film producer Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment scandal.

Rena recalled the terrifying encounter with a male taxi driver back in 2012 in Cairo when he pulled over the car to the side of a vacant highway and demand that she removes her clothes.

The driver, who was wielding a knife, blocked her exit by reclining his seat and pinning Rena down after locking the doors.

She wrote, “He then began head-butting me on the face. My vision blurred, but I did not lose consciousness. I fought back with the only thing I had in my hands, an iPhone.”

“While hitting his temple as hard as I could with the corner of the phone I told him I had money in my purse and to let me go.”

But the driver, Rena told, wasn’t interested in money and did not stop beating her.

‘Each time I halfway climbed out of the car, he grabbed me by the hair and dragged me back inside. After some struggle, I finally managed to crawl out of the cab completely.
A passing car slowed down. Perhaps someone saw me. The offender then realized he might be getting caught and finally let me go,’ Effendi wrote.

Rena said she was able to share her story after being encouraged by the the testimonies of large number of women who narrated stories of their harassment as a part of the #MeToo campaign.

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