Women not equal to men, have quarter of a brain, and don’t deserve to drive: Saudi cleric says

A Saudi preacher said that a woman cannot drive because they have ‘quarter of a brain’. He thinks that they go shopping and lose more brain.

Okay, so according to a head of religious fatwas in Saudi Arabia, a woman should not be allowed to drive because “she has quarter of a brain”.

In Saudi Arabia’s Assir governorate, the head of the religious fatwas Sheikh Saad Al Hajari, possibly with ‘quarter of a brain’ made the aforementioned statement.

In a video which has now gone viral, Sheikh Saad Al Hajari is heard making the statement to a group of people during what appears to be a talk on a religious subject.

“A woman isn’t equal to a man when it comes to brain power and this is how she was created,” Hajari said.

He then explained that because women have “half a brain”, Saudi Arabia’s Road and Traffic safety authority shouldn’t allow them to drive.

“If a man had half a brain, would they issue him a driving license? They wouldn’t.”

Well, Hajari could not pull the breaks at just that as he further explained that when women go shopping, they lose another half of their existing “half brain” and are left with only a quarter.

“Women don’t deserve to drive because they only have a quarter of a brain,” he reiterated.

According to Hajari, as long as a woman is a good Muslim, it comes as no harm that ‘women have quarter of a brain’.


Under the country’s current law, there is no official prohibition on women driving, however, officials have yet to issue driving licenses to women.

Hajari’s statement comes at a time when the debate about women’s right to drive continues to intensify.

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